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One lb of fresh roasted coffee beans you choose, and free US shipping, Only $199.

 "The Brazen Coffee Brew System by Behmor, is a revolutionary, new
vision in coffee where the user is actually in control of the brewing process."

Brazen Beauty Shot

Set a brew temperature from 190 to 210
degrees and you'll hit that target exactly.

"The Brazen is the best drip coffee maker in 2012, more
accurate than any other automatic coffee brewer,
consumer and commercial alike.

One lb fresh roasted beans you choose, and free US shipping,
only $199.

The Brazen features:

  • A means to precisely control and hit specified water temperatures

  • Onboard calibration, ensuring brewing
    accuracy, adjustable to your altitude!

  • The ability to program water flow similar
    to pour over style coffee brewing.


The Brazen brewer targets and stays within one degree, it is the most precise consumer coffee brewer on the market.

The Brazen's unique temperature glide, slows the heating as it nears the selected temperature for accuracy.

Calibration means that accuracy is for the life of the machine. And of course, the target temperature can be adjusted to suit your personal taste.

The Brazen auto brew timer function, means when you're ready to go, your coffee is too.

"Precise control means a better cup. "


The Brewing Temperature, Pre-Soak Time, and your brewer's unique calibration, are stored permanently until you wish to change them- even in the event of a power failure.

 From the steel reservoir, through the gold filter, and down to the steel carafe, the Brazen keeps the coffee hotter-  longer.


All of these practical features with ultimate control, contained in one stylish machine...

It's bold.
It's forward.
It's fresh.
It's innovative.
It's Brazen.


Get your perfect cup
 every time. Only $199.