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Our featured Brewer! AeroPress by Aerobie, free US shipping, Only $27.95.

 AeroPress by Aerobie-  "The quality of the coffee it yields
has to be tasted to be believed."  Kevin Knox

AeroPress Beauty Shot

 The AeroPress is a compact, tough little brewer that gives you total control over the brew parameters.   Grind, water temperature, brew time— makes your coffee just the way it suits you.

"The best coffee maker I've ever owned"  Robin Sam, Denver Co

Free US shipping, Only $27.95

And why not add a pound of Ecuador's World Aeropress Championship coffee too?

The AeroPress features:

  • PBA free brewing

  • Single cup

  • Travel bag and filters included.


Great for a single cup anywhere, and the size makes  it great for travel, too. 

We like the AeroPress for it's simplicity and the total control over all of the brewing parameters. It's a simple, one cup brewer, making one perfect cup for the office, to sample the new beans that arrived today, or while you're on the road.  There's nothing fragile about the parts to this brewer.  The office sample model has held up well to being chucked into the box of cooking gear when camping and stuffed into the corner of a suitcase when traveling.  It even comes with it's own travel bag, so there's no reason to face the horrors of hotel coffee.  

Cleanup is easy—just remove the bottom and push on the plunger.  The coffee puck pops out neatly  into the garbage or compost. 

A quick rinse and you’re done.  Uncomplicated, excellent coffee.   Give it a try and let us know how you like it.











Best rated coffee maker. Only $27.95

Order one Now!

Why not add a pound of Ecuador's World Aeropress Championship coffee too?